Car ServicePalermo

Car Service Palermo is an NCC company that was set up in response to the specific need to provide a superior level of service in the field of car rental with driver to a clientele oriented towards the search for maximum quality and professionalism.

NCC in Sicilia

All our NCCs have specific quality features including:

Use of cars, black Mercedes, full optionals
English-speaking drivers in professional clothes
Punctuality, courtesy, confidentiality
Cleanliness, safety, speed
Availability and dynamism 
Transfer h24 7/7

The final objective is to ensure an extraordinary quality of service to the client through attention to detail and maximum comfort, from booking to the end of the service. 

Our services are active throughout Sicily both in the cities and in the major tourist destinations.

Car Service Palermo always guarantees a high standard of quality, in line with the company’s mission and with the characteristics of a true rental with driver. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation or estimate.

Courtesy & Quality

Jenny Mastrolembo is the owner of the car service company at the age of 29. A woman and entrepreneur in a male-dominated world, she runs her own start-up with the humility of a successful woman. Jenny drives both her cars and her company with skill and passion in order to offer better and better services to her customers.